Introduction to Expect the Unexpected Positive Affirmations

A photo that illustrates idea of expecting the unexpectedWe have this blog post, video, and journaling exercise because of an unexpected event.

Last year I bought about 7 personal development books on a discount table at Chapters (The Canadian, and better, equivalent) to Barnes and Noble.

I read a couple of the books before I headed south to sunny Panama for the winter.

Expecting an early spring (yes) I arrived back in Canada in April and finally made it back to my apartment later that month.

That’s when I made an unexpected discovery. I found the pile of books on personal development looking lonely and neglected. Amid these orphans, I discovered Expect the Unexpected (Or You Won’t Find It)  by Roger von Oech.

Cafe Questioning

Shortly after that, sitting in a Starbucks close to home I began to read about the epigrams of Heraclitus. 

The second of which, and the one that caused me to pause mid-sentence was Expect the unexpected or you won’t find it.

Which led me to ask myself, “How can I make sure I break my conditioned patterns of thinking and look beyond that limited thinking?”

I asked myself, “Do I really expect, allow for, or welcome the unexpected?”

What about you? Have you shut off possibility by living predictably?

We have two solutions for you.

  1. Watch the video below to practice 15 Expect the Unexpected Positive Affirmations to get you excited about change and looking at things differently.
  2. Our journaling questions will help you break conditioned thinking and open your brain, just a little, to other possibilities.

How about expecting that you could learn something from the video and journaling exercises. And that you might grow and expand your ability to think outside the box. 

Remember the paper airplane?

“Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their carvings.”

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Expect the Unexpect Positive Affirmations and Mindset Reset

Another way to interrupt, if you will. our patterns of thinking are to do some journaling on reflective questions that help us loosen those habit chains.  

Before we get into the questions. I thought we might look at the story of the paper airplane.

The Paper Airplane

Paper AirplaneThis is a story of making assumptions and the consequences of doing so. Or in other words,  using predictable patterns of thought to solve various situations.

This comes from a book I read called “The Paper Airplane”. The story is about a contest to see who can throw an airplane the furthest. 

All the students lined up and designed amazing paper airplanes. One by one they threw their paper planes into the air. Some didn’t go far, others did strange loops and some flew well. Then it was, I forget his name, let’s just say Johnny, Johnny’s turn to throw. He had a crumpled-up piece of paper in his hand. The other students snickered. 

Then Johnny threw the paper ball and it beat all the other paper airplanes.

The other students protested. But the teacher smiled and said. “You assumed what a paper plane would look like but I never specified the shape.” Johhny wins the game. 

Icon ChecksheetJournaling Exercises.

You don’t have to tackle all of these questions. But try two or three to see what happens. 

You might be surprised what unexpected insights shake loose.

Action Step

1 Find a quiet relaxing place away from time pressures. This gives your mind time to ponder the question.

2 Sketching or creating diagrams are allowed.

3 Write the question at the top of a blank page in your journal or just use a notebook or a loose sheet of paper. (Unlined is Best.)

4 Consider, finding examples from your own life or that of a friend or co-worker. 

5 Write.

6 Highlight any insights or aha moments that you discover. 

7 Repeat the process with another question.

Reflective Questions

What assumptions am I making that are holding me back?

Do I truly expect the unexpected or hope that it doesn’t happen. List examples. Do you see a pattern?

How easily do I deal with unexpected events? Do I take them in stride, panic, or try to wish them away? 

What can I do to change predictable thinking? How do I find different ways of looking at situations or challenges?

How often do I plan meaningful surprises for my loved ones? How often have I done that? What is my reaction to unplanned surprises?

Do I have any hidden assumptions about my goals?

Final Step; What Went Well

Ask yourselves what went well when doing this exercise.

Write down three examples and explain why they were important.

Expect the Unexpected Positive Affirmations Used in the Video

I am expecting great results to reveal themselves to me every day.

The results I am expecting arrive every day so I hold myself open to receive them

I am thrilled when something positive happens unexpectedly. Surprises bring feelings of excitement to life and give me a reason to smile.

I am powerfully transforming long-held negative patterns into uplifting ones.

Every day I expect success

I choose to expect positive transformation as I learn and grow.

Today, I look forward to moments that catch me off guard and send a tingle down my spine. Those moments make life worth living.

The universe is aligning with my goals and my dream.

I expect good, I receive good.

I celebrate the unexpected twists and turns as I charge forward with vigor and courage.

I see unexpected treasures as a bonus reward for consistent practice.

I am letting go of my old patterns of thinking and created new ways to look at life differently

I am opening my mind to an unexpected flow of abundance and prosperity.

I am excited about new unseen opportunities revealing themselves to me as my insights deepen.

I choose to do unanticipated things for the people that matter most to me

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